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Why Most Of People Switch To Solid Wood Flooring In Sydney?

Floors are very important in securing the foundation of a house. There are many things that you need to think about when looking to select a material for your floor. Solid Wood flooring in Sydney is very famous all over the world and is being widely utilized by people as well. A type of high-quality wooden flooring is the solid floor that is very strong, attractive looking and has a very long life span. If you have allergy sufferers in your home then wooden flooring is perfect. Wooden flooring is easy to clean by mopping or brushing and it doesn’t provide a breeding ground for bugs like carpet does.

You can steam clean carpets but it doesn’t get rid of all the bugs, in fact some prefer the wet warm breeding ground that steaming provides. With wooden flooring, you can easily clean it which will stop those allergy pests from causing any problems to you. With the exception of concrete, a solid wooden floor is about as durable as it gets. Even when damaged, it can generally be refinished. Yes, it is that simple, although it’s not hard for it to get pretty scratched up before you get around to it.

You can also buff and refinish engineered wooden flooring, but not very many times. Depending on the brand and type, you may be able to sand it a few times, but that top layer is generally thin enough that it’s very limited. As such, like laminate, deep damage can quickly force you to replace boards to keep a quality look. Laminate, being nothing more than a resin-covered picture, can’t be refinished. A lot of people who are unfamiliar with wood floors default to oak because they foresee a lot of traffic in their home. This comes from the oak being one of the strongest trees in the world, creating some of the most durable lumber.

When it comes to solid wooden floors, you can use this to gauge how durable a floor will be to some extent. With engineered wood flooring as well as laminate, however, the toughness of the final product will be more dependent on the makeup of the floor, and not so much the top layer. Most astonishingly kitchens and bathrooms can also benefit from having wood floorboard. Wood flooring is easily cleaned and protected, especially when varnished or even by making it water-resistant. Also, it is durable no matter what the wear and tear or the spillages.

All you have to do is wipe them up or if more drastic action is required you can have it stripped and re-varnished. Solids Wooden Flooring in Sydney Installation Steps

  • Follow an installation plan where the solid wood floor is installed perpendicular to the joists of your floor.
  • The locations of the floor joists along the wall must be marked for reference.
  • The sub-floor must be covered with a layer of asphalt felt to minimize squeaks and to prevent moisture accumulation.
  • Make a mark of the centreline where the solid wood floor is going to be installed.
  • If you are installing the wood floor in a room that is not a perfect square, place the tongue of the first row in a parallel position to your centrelines and rip the side of the groove at the angle which is parallel to your wall.


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